Crypto Margin Trading Without KYC

Save Money With These No-KYC Brokers:

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If you’re searching for an easy way to trade your crypto coins anonymously on platforms with simple and quick sign up, this page is for you.

Bitcoin & Altcoin Margin Trading Platforms without KYC

( Anonymous Crypto Margin Trading )

There are a couple of cryptocurrency margin trading brokers that don’t have a KYC policy. On such platforms you can trade without ID verification. Of course this means that there are only Bitcoin and altcoins deposits and withdrawals possible, since fiat money transfers would always go hand in hand with the necessity to identify yourself.

As the platforms we are talking about don’t need to know any personal information about their users, you will only be asked for an email an password at registration. Some ask for a username of your choice, but that’s pretty much it, no hassle with providing all your personal data and sending an ID to verify yourself.

In the following you get to know the best bitcoin and crypto margin trading platforms where you can start trading right away after a quick sign up without KYC procedures.

The Crypto Brokers without KYC are:

PrimeXBT: In PrimeXBT accounts there is no possibility for ID verification. So you trade “anonymously” by default. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that in the case of suspicious activities or an unauthorized origin users could be asked to prove their identity.

Bybit: Bybit is pretty much the same – No KYC, nothing personal needed from their traders. Although Bybit supports anonymous crypto trading, the company is very transparent from their side. Users can check out the people behind the company and any other details that might be of interest. Also, Bybit offers a lot of trading competitions with bonuses for the winners which is why they have a quite vivid trading community.

BaseFEX: Also no ID verification required. There is no area for that within user accounts and you can trade entirely anonymously. At signup you’re not even asked for you real name, just a nickname of your choice.

There are even some more crypto brokers, where you can trade without ID verification in their basic accounts. Those basic accounts are always restricted in one way or another.

SimpleFX: On SimpleFX you can signup without needing to provide any personal information. So basic accounts are anonymous. However, if you want to be able to deposit or withdraw fiat money, which is possible with SimpleFX, then you need to provide your ID documents. But trading is possible anonymously if you only use crypto deposits and withdrawals.

Please note that in the United States of America CFD trading is prohibited which also affects cryptocurreny trading with higher leverage. There is only one online trading platform where people from the USA are allowed to trade cryptocurrencies with a leverage of 5x maximum: Read more on this page why that is.

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