Bybit Review & Margin Trading FAQ

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Facts & Data about Bybit:

Headquarters in: Singapore
Company Jurisdiction / Registration: Singapore
CEO / Owners: Ben Zhou

Bybit Coupons & Discounts:

Bybit Trading Fees in detail:

Maker Fee: -0.025% (Rebate)
Taker Fee: 0.075%
With Perpetual Contracts: Daily fluctuating funding interest rates for leveraged positions

Deposit & Withdrawal fees:

  • 0.0005 BTC miner fee
  • No deposit fees

Minimum Deposit / Withdrawal Amount:

  • No minimum deposits
  • 0.002 BTC minimum withdrawal

Supported FIAT Currencies:

No supported fiat currencies.

Supported Order Types:

  • Limit orders
  • Market orders
  • Conditional orders

Supported Trading Pairs for Margin Trading:


Leverage per Coin:

  • 1:100 for Bitcoin
  • 1:50 for Altcoins

Bybit Futures

  • Perpetual contracts
  • Inverse contracts

Supported Countries:

Worldwide, except regions that forbid cryptocurrency derivatives margin trading

Bybit is banned in:

  • United States of America, Québec, Singapore, Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, China (Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan)

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Frequently asked Questions about leverage Trading on

What is Bybit?

Bybit is a successful Bitcoin derivatives exchange platform with a broad user community that spans the globe. Bybit services are offered for traders with different levels of experience and objective within the perpetual contracts market.

Who owns Bybit?

Bybit is led and managed by its founder and CEO Ben Zhou, who was recognized for his bank and Forex market investments and took an interest in cryptocurrency trading in 2016.

Where is Bybit located?

The Bybit headquarters are located in Singapore, however, the customer support service will attend to the concerns, doubts and demands of users regardless of their country of residence.

When was Bybit founded?

Bybit was officially founded in 2018, making it one of the youngest crypto derivatives trading platforms on the market. However, the company has obtained a very good reputation and maintains high market volume rates.

Who regulates Bybit?

Bybit’s trading products and services are not under the regulation of governmental or institutional entities. The use of the platform’s trading options is under the responsibility of the users.

Where is Bybit banned?

Bybit has banned a list of countries from its servers for different reasons (including legislative / regulatory disagreements). Users residing in the United States of America, Québec, Singapore, Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, China (Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau & Taiwan) will not be able to use the services of the Bybit platform.

Does Bybit require ID verification?

Bybit supports unverified user accounts to a certain extend. For traders who are okay with a daily withdrawal limit of 2 BTC it is possible to use bybit “anonymously”, hence without ID verification. Just for higher withdrawal limits you need to send ID documents.

Why is Bybit banned in the USA?

Bybit decided to block the IPs of US residents due to legislative and regulatory disagreements. The company decides who to serve (or not) and in this case, it decided that the United States is not viable to offer its trading platform.

How to use Bybit in the USA?

For people traveling to the US it is still possible to use the website from there. If you make use of a VPN you can trade on Bybit without any problems. As trading on Bybit is forbidden for US citizens and residents it is best not to let the platform know that you’re logging in from there – if their system detects a login from US territory they might ask you for an ID verification and maybe this is something you want to avoid as long as it is possible. A virtual private network encrypts your entire data traffic and sends it through a foreign middle-man server, e.g. a server from your home country where you would be allowed to trade with Bybit. Through such a middleman server it looks like you’re located in that server’s country and not in the USA. Usually VPN services offer a list of servers from different countries that you can choose from. Paid subscriptions always offer more servers and settings than free VPN versions.

What countries does Bybit allow?

Bybit is available for all countries in the world except for those previously mentioned. Residents of these countries could only access the Bybit platform through Virtual Private Networks.

What can you trade with Bybit?

The Bybit platform offers trading on the BTCUSD, BTCUSDT, ETHUSD, XRPUSD and EOSUSD pairs. Although the list does not have other cryptocurrencies, the ones it does have maintain a high level of liquidity within the market.

Does Bybit offers Options trading?

No, Bybit does not offer any sections for options trading, as the platform is limited to Bitcoin derivatives. However, there are other exchange companies that offer this type of service in addition to having cryptocurrencies.

How many users does Bybit have?

During the last year Bybit was reported to have 300,000 users from 117 countries, so currently the community of Bybit members must be greater. The number of trading users on this type of platform increases with the acceptance of cryptocurrencies worldwide, which is encouraged year after year.

How does Bybit make money?

Bybit receives commissions from each transaction carried out on the platform (-0.025% rebate for market makers and takers will be charged with 0.075). Bybit does not require withdrawal fees, except for the blockchain mining reward.

How to sign up to Bybit?

On the main page of the Bybit platform there is the “sign up” option, where you must click. Enter your email and password. Confirm your registration and access your account.

How do you use Bybit in USA?

Accessing Bybit from the United States can only be done through an account created with an IP from another country. That is, you must subscribe to a VPN service.

How to use Bybit with VPN?

Once you can access foreign servers with your VPN service, you must create a new Bybit account, which you will use with this IP every time you log in to avoid inconveniences within the platform.

What’s the minimum stake for trading on Bybit?

Bybit allows you to start trading with as little as $1, so there is no need to make large deposits. It is possible to make profits even with low funds thanks to the leverage service.

What is margin on Bybit?

Margin is a trading mode used on Bybit (as well as in many other exchange platforms) designed to maximize users’ profits, although it can also generate bigger losses. This method offers funding and leverage to provide the user with greater trading power.

How does leverage work on Bybit?

Leverage establishes a trading capacity of several times your own capital. In other words, if you have $100 and use 10x leverage, you will be able to trade $1,000 and receive profit (and loss) as such. Bybut offers 100x leverage for its users.

What is cross margin on Bybit?

Bybit uses the “Cross margin” mode, which adds all the user’s funds to the trade to increase the margin and protect against liquidations. In case of imminent liquidation, the user’s total equity will be subtracted.

How does Bybit calculate PNL?

Bybit has formulas to calculate the realized NLP in both long and short orders. To find out your Realized NLP, go to the “Assets” window.

How to deposit BTC into Bybit?

Bybit has a BTC wallet for incoming deposits, which will not charge fees for receiving transactions. Copy this address and paste it in the shipping menu of the wallet you are using, specify the amount and confirm the procedure.

How to send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Bybit?

After copying the BTC address from your Bybit wallet, log into your Coinbase account and click on the “Portfolio” section. There, choose the “BTC” option and access the wallet where you can make transactions in the “Send” button. Paste the Bybit BTC address, enter the amount, and accept the transaction.

How to deposit USD into Bybit?

Bybit does not allow fiat currency deposits (for now). However, you can send USDT tokens to your Bybit wallet for a stable value.

How to transfer ETH from Coinbase Pro to Bybit?

Copy your Bybit ETH wallet address. Go to Coinbase and enter your ETH wallet. Press “Send” and paste the previously copied ETH address. Then, your transaction will be ready to be sent.

How do traders cash out on Bybit?

Traders can cash out funds from Bybit by withdrawing them into another wallet. Bybit does not support direct fiat currency withdrawals.

How does Bybit trading work?

Trading in Bybit consists of buying (long) or selling (short) Bitcoin derivatives, which come in the form of perpetual cryptocurrency contracts. After analyzing possible trends and determining a result, you will have to position your order according to the price of the contracts at a certain time and you will be protected by the margin (perpetual contracts do not expire).

How to buy Bitcoin on Bybit?

In Bybit you cannot buy Bitcoin directly, since the products available for trading are derivatives of cryptocurrencies. To get BTC on the platform you will have to deposit them from another wallet.

How to long/short Bitcoin on Bybit?

Go to the “Trade” section in the upper bar of the platform, where you can choose between Perpetual USDT or Reverse Perpetual. Choose the option you want and the trading chart will be displayed, which will have the options for Long and Short and the types of orders on the right side.

What is Bybit liquidation?

Liquidation is recognized as the closing of the position of a trader who has lost almost or all of his margin to sustain a trade. With no more funds available to support your order within the market, your order must be liquidated immediately.

How to set a stop-loss and Take Profit on a long on Bybit?

Under the types of available orders you will find two boxes “Long with SLTP” and “Short with SLTP”, where you can specify the target prace and/or at what level you want your trade to close and stop further losses. You can indicate it in percentages or manually write the stop/target price.

When does Bybit send withdrawals?

Bybit processes all withdrawals 3 times a day, half an hour before they are made. In other words, withdrawals processed before 7:30 will be confirmed at 8:00. Those that are processed after 8:00 will be confirmed at 16:00. In any case, the funds will take 1 or 2 hours to reach your wallet.

What is the withdraw limit on Bybit?

Bybit allows a maximum withdrawal of 500 BTC each day. This means that if you want to withdraw more than 500 BTC, you must schedule said transaction for several days depending on the amount.

Can you change leverage while in a position on Bybit?

Yes, indeed, although you would only be changing the margin exposed to liquidation. That is, if you have $100 and place an order with 5x leverage, you will be operating with $500 and if the price moves 20% against you, you will lose your $100 of available margin. If you change the leverage during the trade (to 10x, for example), it would still be a $500 position but you would be exposing only $50, thus protecting the other $50.

How long can you hold a position on Bybit?

In perpetual contracts you will be able to hold an open position until your available margin is eliminated by adverse price movements and/or commissions are greater than the position amount, which can happen if you hold an open position too long.

How does hedging work on Bybit?

Unfortunately Bybit does not allow hedging on its platform. Users will have to measure their risk management using the Take Profit and Stop Loss.

When you leverage on Bybit can you lose more than your investment?

No, the user will never be indebted to the exchange. However, your available margin level is exposed, which can be 0 and burn your account if the price moves against you enough.

How to close your Bybit positions?

If you feel insecure about a trade, you can close your position in the “Close By” tab above the Limit and Market options. You can also close an order by entering a new one in an adverse position and upon reaching the target price, they will cancel each other out.

How to close half your Bybit position?

To cancel only half of your position you can create an opposite order using only half of the amount specified in your trade. For example: You created a long for $ 50 BTC / USD and a short for the same pair with $25.

Where does Bybit gets its price?

Bybit calculates the price of its derivatives by averaging the price and trading volumes of the underlying currencies in the Kraken, Gemini, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex and Bitstamp markets. In short, the final price will depend on the Spot Price of each market multiplied by the Weight of exchange of each platform.

What causes premiums and discounts on Bybit?

The mark price per minute will determine the premium/discount of perpetual contracts BTCUSDT users can review the Premium Index in the Bybit Data tab within the platform.

What is a Maker Rebate on Bybit?

The Maker Rebate is the -0.025% reward given to the user who successfully completes a trade. This rate will remain active regardless of the size of the trader’s position.

How much do you receive from Bybit funding?

Funding rates will depend directly on the funding interval and will be subject to change every minute with price movements in the Bybit market. Usually the funding rate is 0.0100%.

How much does Bybit charge for market order?

The trading fee for market orders will depend entirely on the details of our position. Through the formula of Trading fee rate x Position Value we can determine the final fee. It should be noted that the market makers will receive a rebate of -0.025% and takers will pay 0.075%.

How not to pay taker fees on Bybit?

You can avoid taker fees by successfully completing a limit order as you would instead be getting a -0.025% rebate. To ensure that your order will be executed as a Limit and not “Market” you have the Post-Only options, where you can specify an entry price lower than the current price (in case of long).

What is Bybit insurance fund?

The Insurance Fund is a mechanism used by Bybit and other trading platforms to cover price areas beyond the bankruptcy price when liquidating a position. If the Insurance Fund is not sufficient to cover this gap, a deleveraging process will be activated.

How to get Bybit trades in one CSV file?

The Bybit platform does not allow you to directly convert a trade into a CSV document, however it allows you to download it as XSLX and upload it to a file converter for a CSV format.

How to enter an API key on Bybit to trade with?

Creating an API key will require you to log in and go to the “Account and Security” section, where you can access “API management” and create a new one. Complete the data of your new API key and complete the 2FA verification process to proceed to confirm this procedure.

How to get Bybit app on phone?

Search for the Bybit app from AppStore or Google Play depending on your device and download it. When the download is finished, it will be installed automatically and you will be able to log in to your Bybit account.

What bots work on Bybit?

3commas and Cornix are two of the best rated trading bots for Bybit. These bots will be manually set by the user and will carry out operations by themselves within the Bybit market.

How to close my Bybit account?

Bybit does not have options to delete your account immediately, like other trading platforms do. However, you can always email the customer support team with a request to deactivate your account.

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