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75% of retail investors’ accounts lose money when they trade CFDs from this provider.

Facts & Data about eToro:

Headquarters in: China, Israel, the United Kingdom and Cyprus
Company Jurisdiction / Registration:
CEO / Owners:

eToro Discounts & Coupons:

eToro Trading Fees in detail:

Maker Fee:
Taker Fee:
With Perpetual Contracts: Daily fluctuating funding interest rates for leveraged positions

Deposit & Withdrawal fees:

Minimum Deposit / Withdrawal Amount:

Supported FIAT Currencies:

Supported Order Types:

Supported Trading Pairs for Margin Trading:

Leverage per Coin:

Bitcoin (BTC/USD): 2x
Ethereum (ETH/USD, ETH/BTC): 2x

eToro CFD margin trading is not available in the USA.

Supported Countries:

Worldwide, except regions that forbid cryptocurrency derivatives margin trading

eToro is banned in:

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75% of retail investors’ accounts lose money when they trade CFDs from this provider.


Frequently asked Questions about eToro

What is eToro?

eToro is a broker company that offers its users a platform with multiple digital assets for social trading and investments at any time. The special feature of eToro is that it allows beginning traders to copy the trades of the best investors on the platform in order to get better performance. Through the provision of multiple sophisticated trading tools, the platform allows its users to participate in multiple markets and detect upcoming trends.

Where is eToro located?

eToro maintains registered offices in 4 countries: China, Israel, the United Kingdom and Cyprus, where the platform’s management operations are carried out and the eToro work team is based.

Who owns eToro and who’s its CEO?

Yoni Assia is the founder and CEO of eToro, in addition to having an impeccable career as an investor in different markets. The main company to which the platform belongs is eToro Group Limited.

When was eToro founded?

eToro was initially founded in January 2007 by 3 investors (including Yoni Assia) with the mission of creating an investment platform accessible to everyone. Then they would start working for the launch of the webtrader, openbook and mobile application.

Who regulates eToro?

eToro works under the regulations of the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. In addition, eToro provides its services in Australia through the company eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd, which is regulated by the Corporations Act, also known as Commonwealth.

Is eToro allowed in the USA?

eToro offers its services in the United States since 2018 and operates in the following states: Wisconsin, Montana, Ohio, Arkansas, California, North Dakota, Maine, Michigan, Kansas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Idaho, Kentucky, Iowa, Vermont, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, New Mexico, Alabama, West Virginia, Indiana, Maryland, Washington, South Dakota, Florida, Connecticut, Arizona, Virginia, Missouri, Rhode Island, Louisiana, New Jersey, Alaska, North Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington DC and Wyoming. However, US residents will only be able to opt for cryptocurrency trading.

What countries does eToro allow?

eToro supports users from more than 60 countries. The company has prepared a list with the allowed countries: Denmark, Cape Verde, Kyrgyzstan, Rwanda, China, Cyprus, Brunei, Norway, Tajikistan, Estonia, Ireland, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Israel, Australia, Gabon, Mauritania, Dominica, Eritrea, Moldo va, Turkmenistan, Sweden, Costa Rica, Djibouti, Nigeria, Tonga, Czech Republic, Saint Kitts and Nevis, San Marino, Papua, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, El Salvador, United Kingdom, Greece, Holy See, Guatemala, Andorra, Kiribati, Qatar, Mexico, Nauru, Bulgaria, Iceland, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Saint Lucia, Togo, Botswana, Thailand, Colombia, Bangladesh, Germany, Marshall Islands, Switzerland, Honduras, Maldives, Comoros, Eswatini, Panama, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Haiti, South Korea, Italy, France, Spain, Monaco, Kazakhstan, Gibraltar, Jordan, Malta, lgeria, Armenia, Egypt, Oman, Paraguay, Palestine State, Liberia, Senegal, Croatia, Zambia, South Sudan, Benin, Russia, Georgia, New Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Mozambique, Poland, Uzbekistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Peru, Latvia, Madagascar, Suriname, Lithuania, United States (some states only), Venezuela, Kenya, Timor-Leste, Philippines, Portugal, Antigua and Barbuda, Niger, India, Nepal, Argentina, Sao Tome and Principe, Morocco, Singapore, Bolivia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Central African Republic, Malawi, Belize, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, South Africa, Lesotho, Grenada, Hungary, Indonesia, Slovenia, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Romania, Belgium, Uruguay, Brazil, Angola, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Austria, Kuwait, Bhutan, Tuvalu, Slovakia, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Micronesia, Netherlands and Azerbaijan.

How many users does eToro have?

Currently eToro services are enjoyed by 10,000,000 users, making it one of the largest brokers among the different markets. It should be noted that eToro maintains exceptional trading volumes.

What can you trade with eToro?

The eToro platform has different assets with which you can trade and allow entries to different markets, among which we can find the cryptocurrency market, the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex), commodities market, indexes and Quoted Funds (ETF).

How to sign up to eToro?

Once you’ve entered the official eToro site, head over to the “Sign up” tab and click on it. To create an account, choose a username that does not exist on the platform, your email and type a strong password. Click on “create account” and you can proceed to confirm your registration through your email address.

Does eToro have KYC?

Indeed, eToro has a strong Know Your Customer (KYC) system integrated into its platform that must be filled in by users to become certified members. In addition to helping the company to get to know its users better, these types of procedures decrease the chances of scam and fraudulent operations within the platform.

eToro vs Bitmex – What’s the difference?

While eToro is a multi-functional platform for different markets, BitMEX is specialized only in Bitcoin derivatives trading. BitMEX can be used without filling out KYC forms, whereas this is a fundamental requirement to use the eToro options. Lastly, BitMEX does not have the copy trading feature that eToro offers its less experienced users.

eToro vs Plus500 for cryptocurrency trading – what are the differences?

Although eToro and Plus500 share a flawlessly designed interface and understandable options for their users, eToro’s security system provides more confidence than Plus500’s. In addition, eToro offers multiple guides and educational content (which not all brokers do).

What’s the minimum stake for trading cryptocurrency on eToro?

The minimum trade in cryptocurrencies and assets from other markets (such as forex, for example) is $200, an amount that you must deposit to the platform to carry out said operation. Although it may seem like a lot, it is really the perfect amount to obtain certain benefits of each trade without risking exaggerated amounts of money.

How many coins are on eToro, which coins does eToro offer for trading?

EToro currently supports 126 cryptocurrencies for tradeables, among which are many ERC20 tokens. It is necessary to clarify that eToro intends to continue expanding its list of cryptocurrencies as necessary.

What currencies are supported on eToro and how to deposit?

To deposit funds to your eToro account you must find the “Deposit funds” option in the lower left corner. eToro accepts deposits in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, RMB, THB, IDR, MYR, VND, PHP. The platform does not charge fees for deposits, although to convert a currency to USD if a small fee will be discounted.

How to deposit BTC into eToro?

eToro has a wallet system that allows multiple cryptocurrencies, among which is obviously Bitcoin. This section will provide you with a BTC address where you can send your BTC tokens. Each transaction takes around 40 minutes – 1 hour to be confirmed.

how to trade cryptocurrency on eToro?

You can buy cryptocurrencies through the eToro spot market or deposit them to your margin account for Contracts For Difference (CFD) trading. For those who wish to place their orders directly on eToro, the service offers leverage up to 2x for greater trading power.

What is the leverage of cryptocurrency on etoro and how does it work?

EToro users can use x2 leverage on all crypto trades, giving them 2 times their original trading power. For example, if your trade consists of $500, you will now be trading at $1000. Your position will be covered by your available margin in case the price turns against your trade.

How to buy cryptocurrency in etoro?

After logging into your eToro account, type in the search bar that you will see at the top of the screen the name of the cryptocurrency you want to buy. A menu will be displayed with the available options and choose the token you are looking for. Place a purchase order at the indicated price and wait for the order to reach the target.

How to sell cryptocurrency in etoro?

Log in and find the search bar, where you can directly find the cryptocurrency you are looking for. Once the search menu is displayed, choose the asset and press “Trade”. Choose the sale option and specify the price at which you want to sell the tokens.

Can you long/short cryptocurrency on eToro?

In margin trading you can position a long or short order when buying a contract whose value is proportional to that of the underlying asset, this will allow you to trade long (buy) and short (sell) with a cryptocurrency that you may not have. When the price reaches its target, you will see benefits from the price variation.

What are eToro fees on cryptocurrency trading?

eToro does not charge commissions for transactions within the platform except for reconversions (0.1%). However, mining fees can be applied to transactions between different wallets.

How much does eToro charge for market sell?

No fees will be subtracted from your funds when making a market sale, since eToro benefits from the spread in the price of each cryptocurrency. In the case of Bitcoin, 0.75%

Do I own cryptocurrency on eToro?

Yes. Unlike many other trading platforms, eToro really allows you to buy and own cryptocurrencies, which you can trade on the trading platform or keep as savings in your account. These tokens can be sent from one wallet to another without problems.

How to place a stop loss on eToro?

Find the asset you are going to trade and press “Trade”. When the menu is displayed you will get the “Stop Loss” option, which you must click and specify exactly at what price you want your order to stop in case the market reflects losses.

Does eToro have a stop market and stop limit order?

No, basically you will only be able to place market and limit orders, although eToro allows its users to set stop loss and take profit simultaneously, thus allowing the order to be closed in profit or canceled in the event of loss.

How to take profit on eToro?

In the trading menu you will find the green option “Take Profit”, where you must specify the target price at which your order will be closed after obtaining profits.

How long can you hold a position on eToro?

You will be able to hold your position only for as long as is prudent, since leveraged orders involve daily costs and overnight fees are usually particularly expensive. If your funds drop and you are no longer able to cover the margin necessary to maintain your position, the order will be closed.

When you leverage on eToro can you lose more than your investment?

Suppose the market went against you during a 2x leveraged Bitcoin order. If the price falls enough to drain your funds and leave you with no margin available, the position will be closed automatically the moment your own funds run out, so that the broker has no losses.

How to close your eToro positions?

First you will have to log into your eToro account and position yourself in “Portfolio”. Choose the trade you want to close and press “Close trade” on the X and your order will be automatically canceled.

From where does eToro get its btc price?

eToro averages the price monthly with the registered trading volume. After combining how many orders and their nature they calculate what is the exact price of a cryptocurrency, which will fluctuate through supply and demand.

Are eToro funds subject to insurance?

eToro has specified to have measures in case of contingencies, although it has not made mention of an insurance fund. The company takes great care of users’ funds by storing them in top-tier banks and establishing an SSL encryption system to keep user data safe.

Does eToro have an app for mobile phones?

Yes. This application is available for Android and iOS operating systems and has an excellent reputation for its friendly interface and easy handling of your options. The eToro mobile app allows you to explore almost all the options of the web version.

Can you use crypto trading bots on eToro?

Yes. In fact, there are multiple trading bots whose protocol works with the eToro market, starting with the TraderBot of the platform. These bots must be previously configured to establish positions in the market and manage orders.

How to close an eToro account?

With an active session in your eToro account, go to the support section ( and press CLOSE MY ACCOUNT. Fill in the required fields and confirm the decision to permanently delete your account.

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75% of retail investors’ accounts lose money when they trade CFDs from this provider.

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